Activity: 45 minutes

Introduction (5 minutes)
IMPACT: Guidelines for North Carolina Media and Technology Programs recommends the following personnel:
  1. Full-time Instructional Technology Facilitator (ITF)
  2. Full-time School Library Media Coordinator (SLMC)
  3. Full-time technology assistant and/or technician
  4. Full-time media assistant

In the past a limited number of school districts and charter schools had the fiscal resources to fully support these positions.

Part 1 (20 minutes): Aligning Tasks
In this activity we are going to align tasks typically assigned to building level staff to the evaluation rubrics. These tasks were gathered from school library media coordinators and instructional technology facilitators in previous workshops and obtained through an online data collection form.

Instructions for Activity Board

Rubric for Evaluating NC's School Library Media Coordinators
SLMC Activity Board
SLMC Task Strips

Rubric for Evaluating NC's Instructional Technology Facilitators
ITF Activity Board
ITF Task Strips

Part 2 (20 minutes): Assigning a Performance Rating
Now that tasks have been aligned, as a group determine the appropriate performance rating.

Problems in Practice for Carteret and Sampson County training Nov. 19th and 21st

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