ITF Evaluation: Users Guide Observations

(optional at home activity)


Question 1

How do the ITF Professional Standards support the implementation of ITES?
Please include page reference

Question 2

Could adding a reference to ITES strengthen this manual?
Please include page reference.


  • Find a partner and share your answers to the questions above(3 minutes)
  • Find another pair and come to consensus on your answers.(3 minutes)
  • In groups of four, open the ITF ITF Evaluation Stixy Notes page

    • Review the instructions on the page.
    • Post post your response by dragging a note from the bottom tray.
    • The Notes options panel will open.
    • Click the appropriate color in the note options.
      • iPad users should use one of the iPad User notes.
    • Post a response using the same color note as the question.

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