Pitt County Schools
April 2, 2014

Annual Reports | Artifacts Activity (60 minutes)

Use the google document below along with the Rubric for Evaluating NCSLMCs to identify the following:
  • Areas of focus for your annual report.
  • What data you'll need to collect in order to create a report that emphasizes these things.
  • A plan for collecting this data.
  • The specific rubric descriptors that can be met by the work you are planning.
  • The data sets that can be used as artifacts during your summative evaluation.

Link to document

Additional Reinforcement (15 mins.)

Public Library Data
NC Report Cards

Overcoming Roadblocks (30 mins.)

Problems With Practice and Solutions Exchange
Collecting and sharing data to demonstrate student learning is not without its challenges. To help us more effectively collect and share data in our practice, let's take some time to collaborate with each other to develop strategies for overcoming these challenges.


  1. Independently, spend 5 minutes reflecting on and recording challenges you have encountered and/or foresee with collecting and sharing data to demonstrate student learning.
  2. Form small groups, and spend 5 minutes sharing one another's challenges and choosing one challenge for the group to concentrate on overcoming.
  3. Assign one person the role as recorder.
  4. As a table group, spend 10-15 minutes brainstorming possible solutions to this challenge.
  5. Recorder: Record your group’s identified challenge and solution suggestions in the form below and submit.

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