Components of a Digital Footprint
1. Digital Dossier (It starts before birth)

Think about…
  • What does my digital dossier look like?
  • How much does my digital dossier contribute to my online identity?
  • How do I build the online identity that I want?

2. Passive Digital Footprint:
  • When you log in and search the web, info is collected and stored as tiny files called cookies
  • Cookies are used to track a users click paths to determine suggestions for you

3. Second-hand Footprint: (what others post about you (with or without your knowledge))

Questions you might ask yourself before you subscribe to something:
  1. If I subscribe to this, what do they get in turn?
  2. What will they do with that info?


Select one activity below to complete with a partner.

1. Read the following article.
What Does Your Digital Footprint Say About You?
With your partner, discuss the following questions.
  • What are the dangers of having a negative digital footprint
  • Are there precautions you should take when you are considering to create an account on a social media platform?

2. Take the quiz to learn more about what you know or need to know when connecting online.
With your partner, discuss the following questions.
  • Were the quiz results reflective of how you spend your time online and the traces that you leave behind?
  • Were any of the results surprising to you?

3. Watch the following video.

Link to video.
  • What types of information do these individuals in the video think is out there about them on the Internet? Is it appropriate? Do you think they all feel good about it? Why or why not?
  • What info do you think is out there about you online? Do you feel good about what's out there? Why or why not?
  • When it comes to the Internet, is it helpful or harmful to have a common name that a lot of other people also have?

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