Share your response using GoAnimate!

A little about GoAnimate:
GoAnimate is a web app that lets you generate fully animated cartoons where you can make animated characters act out a scene or dialogue. Features include:
  • It's FREE!
  • No limit on the number of videos that can be created
  • Students can rate or provide feedback to peers' videos
  • Can create your own characters for video

I. Get to know GoAnimate.

Step 1. Complete the following:

  • Click HERE to sign up for a GoAnimate account.
  • Register (middle of page).
  • Fill in the required information. RECORD the email and username you have used.
  • You need an email account to confirm your registration. An activation email will be sent to the email address used.
  • (Optional) Watch a GoAnimate Tutorial: GoAnimate Tutorial

Step 2. Make Videos!
  • Choose Quick Video Maker
  • Select a setting
  • Choose your characters
  • Type or record your dialog
  • View your video!

II. Share your response using GoAnimate

Step 3. Share your video's URL
When you are finished previewing your video,
  • Select the SAVE NOW button;
  • Enter your video Title
  • Enter description (optional)
  • Select the PUBLISH button
  • COPY that URL link;
  • PASTE it to the GoAnimate Creation page below.
  • You will find the directions for how to do this on the linked page below

Standard III- GoAnimate Creation Page