Deborah Goodman, Digital Teaching and Learning Consultant, NCDPI
Kathy Parker, School Library Media Consultant, NCDPI


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This session will identify global awareness threads in education and give participants an opportunity to explore online resources to integrate global awareness in their instruction.

Session Goals:

  • Review global threads in K12 education
  • Explore online, global awareness resources
  • Identify strategies to integrate global awareness in your instruction

Essential Questions:

  • Can today's students be college and career ready without being globally aware?
  • As educators, how can we strengthen our students' global awareness?



Time Allotment

Professional Learning Purpose
Global Threads

10 mins.

Introductions, session overview,
identify global threads in K-12 education
Global Trade-Trade Cards

20 mins

Brainstorming global awareness opportunities
Resource Exploration

40 mins.

Exploring online resources to integrate global awareness
in your instruction

10 mins.


Agenda >> Global Threads >> Global Trade Cards >> Resource Exploration >> Reflection >> Resources

The digital resources included on this wiki have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing digital environment, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive digital resources for the purposes outlined on this wiki.