Reviewing the Rubric

Standard One Workspace
Standard Two Workspace
Standard Three Workspace
Standard Four Workspace
Standard Five Workspace


  • Examine the rubric by standard, working with the rubrics pages 39 - 51; and the artifacts examples following each standard..
  • Divide into five groups. Each group will perform a deeper dive on one standard.
    • Each group will select a standard to examine by drawing from the bucket.
    • You have three minutes to review the standard individually.
    • As a group, begin at developing and refining the descriptor. You will use the corresponding workspace linked above. After you have refined the descriptor and brainstormed about artifacts, choose your tool and then use that tool to assist as you complete the publishing of your group's work. Provide examples corresponding to the artifacts that are listed following each standard. Using any tool of your choice, design and publish a document that will communicate your understanding of the standard to the rest of the group. Some of the tools that you may use include:
    • Post the link to your finished product on the Google Doc designed to receive that information, in the space that correlates to your standard.

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